Car Rental Policy


  • Monthly rentals are calculated on a 30 days rental period
  • Advance payment is mandatory.
  • All vehicles rented out by Golden Beach Rent a Car is for use on paved roads and off-road usage is not allowed unless written permission is obtained.


For UAE Residents:

  • A valid UAE driving license that is valid for a period of a minimum of one year.
  • Copy of Emirates ID

For Foreign Nationals:

  • A Valid International Driving Permit
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa

Please that citizens of the following countries with a valid driving license do not require IDP.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Spain, The Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Romania, Luxemburg, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania, United States of America, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, People’s Republic of China, South Korea, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa.


  • The Car must be returned in perfect condition and should have the same amount of fuel in the tank when hired. Additional charges would be applicable if the amount of fuel is lower.
  • The customer will pay the full value of the car repair within the agency in the case of any accident if the driver is under the age of 23. Or if the driving license has been issued for less than one year.
  • The monthly mileage allowance is 5000KM. Beyond that, charges of AED 0.50 per KM will be applicable
  • A grace period of 2 hours is accepted on the return date
  • Any delay of more than 2 hours will result in excess charges of a complete day.
  • For pick-up requests on the return date, the customer must inform at least 4 hours prior to the pick-up time. 
    The timings for returning the rental vehicles are between Saturday to Thursday 9 AM to 10 PM


  • Security Deposit payments are accepted in Cash or through Credit Card
  • In the case of credit card payments, a pre-authorization is taken from the customer’s credit card at the time of rental. The pre-authorization amount would be AED 1000. We keep the pre-authorization amount up to 15 days or till the time we receive late traffic fines and Salik updates from the Road and Transport Authorities (RTA) of the concerned Emirate
  • In case of cash payments, we will keep the security deposit amount for a period of 15 days or till the time we receive late traffic fines and Salik updates from the Road and Transport Authorities (RTA) of Dubai. After making suitable deductions, the amount will be transferred to the customer account or through Western Union.


  • Insurance will not be valid in case of the driver’s name is not mentioned in the agreement. In case of damages under such circumstances, the customer will pay full repair cost + garage rent + 10% of the new car value in case of an accident.
  • The customer is liable to pay AED 1000 as insurance excess amount in case of any damage, including scratches, dents, or scrapings.
  • The customer shall pay all the traffic fines during his usage. All such fines must be paid within 3 days to Golden Beach Rent a Car along with the AED 20 as an admin fee. In case of fines with black point, they must be paid within the 48 hours of fines being issued.