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Are you wondering about commute issues on your Bur trip? Then you have arrived at the right place. Golden Beach Rent a Car offers great deals in best rent a car in Bur Dubai services and you have arrived just in time. We value your time and understand that you are probably in a rush to make a pick. With so much to sight-see, shop and explore do not fry your brain cells over car rental services that you can book over your phone. Spoilt for choices and don’t know who to trust? Our long-term clients trust us with their comfort and safety and you can to. We offer a wide range of luxury cars including prime sedans and SUVs to make you ride classy and comfortable from the time you step into the city. You may have had to push through a ton of average options to get to us, but here on, we will make sure the time you spend in knowing more about us, only adds to the comfort of your trip.

Golden Beach Rent a Car is one of the most renowned car rental services in Dubai and if our past record is anything to go by, be assured you will always come back to us every time you visit the city.

Bur Dubai

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AED 3,500 /month
5000 KM

What makes rent a car in Bur Dubai is a better choice than public transport?

Dubai sees an influx of tourists every year around the world, especially during the holiday seasons. Naturally, the demand for public transport is high. Even though there are quite a few options available in public transport, figuring out what goes where can be hassling whether you are on business or vacation. Moreover, changing multiple modes to hop from point A to B, will only add to your expenses. It naturally advisable to have your own ride and make the commute less tiring and easy on the pocket. Golden Beach Rent a Car is known for offering all the help you need to rent a car in Bur Dubai monthly. Pick from an exclusive range of sleek rides, pay a small security deposit and enjoy the vehicle throughout the duration of your stay.

Book Procedures to Rent a Car in Bur Dubai

If you are good about having an organized trip free of any kind of commute issues, then all you need to do is know how to book the best ride of your life. Best rent a car in Bur Dubai and that too through a single enquiry. Once we run you through the clauses and you pick your ride, expect to have you ride delivered to your pick-up location on the right date and at the right time. In case of any sudden difficulties during your trip, we are just a phone call away.



It is like you own the car for a month! You can travel anywhere, anytime. Just get into your rental car and drive.


When you are on the road, things can go wrong. But if they do, you will have us by your side. At our car rental company in Dubai, we take complete care of our customers.


Compared to getting a new car every day, getting a monthly rental would be considerably less expensive, saving you money.


At Golden Beach, we believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best. That’s why we ensure that you get the best-in-class cars at prices that give you value for money.