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Sharjah is a city in the United Arab Emirates that borders the emirates of Dubai and Ajman on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. There are lots of attractions in Sharjah to visit Al Majaz Waterfall, Al Noor Mosque, Sharjah Museum, and other sites that serve as examples of the region’s rich cultural legacy, historical significance, and natural beauty. Do you want to explore Sharjah by Car without the stress of public transportation? If so, Golden Beach Rent a Car is one of the finest car rental service providers in Sharjah, offering a wide range of SUV cars from top brands at a reasonable price.

In Sharjah, we also provide monthly Car rental services beginning at 1799 AED. We want to further improve our customers’ experience with us by offering a hassle-free paperwork procedure and a variety of complimentary add-ons in addition to supplying immaculately maintained automobiles. So, if you want to rent a car in Sharjah, Contact Us to know more about the pricing and plans.

Rent a Car Sharjah

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Best Car Rental Offers in Sharjah

Renting a car in Sharjah is a straightforward process, and Golden Beach Rent a Car makes it even easier with our online booking system. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose Your Vehicle: Browse our selection of vehicles online and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Provide Your Information: Fill out our online reservation form with your personal and contact information.
  • Choose Your Rental Period: Select the dates that you want to rent the car for.
  • Review and Confirm: Review the details of your reservation and confirm your booking.
  • Pick Up Your Car: On the day of your rental, simply come to the designated location to pick up your car.
  • Return Your Car: When your rental period is up, return the car to the designated location.

If you are a UAE resident, you are required to submit:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Residential Visa
  • Valid UAE
  • Driving License
  • Copy of Emirates ID

If you are a foreign national traveling to UAE, you need to submit :

  • Passport
  • Visit Visa
  • Home Country Driving License
  • International Driving Permit

Why Choose Us for Renting a Car in Sharjah?



With multiple locations throughout Sharjah, you can easily pick up and drop off your rental car at a location that’s convenient for you.




Our team of friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.



At Golden Beach Rent a Car, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable transportation. That’s why we offer some of the most competitive rates for monthly car rental in Sharjah.


At Golden Beach, we provide our customers nothing but the best. That’s why we ensure that you get the best-in-class cars at prices that give you value for money.


Car Rental in Sharjah - Frequently Asked Questions

You may rent a wide range of cars in Sharjah, including compact cars, premium cars, and SUVs. Some of the top rental cars are Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Ford.

Any penalties and damages would be paid for out of your security deposit, and any remaining funds would be returned to you.

Indeed, you are welcome to lease a vehicle from Golden Beach Rent a Car for a number of months at a time. Contact us or visit our locations to find out more about our adaptable car rental policies.

You can contact any nearby car rental agency through phone or WhatsApp to book a car in Sharjah. Another choice is to make your car rental via online booking portal.

4500 km is often the maximum daily mileage limit for monthly car rentals. This suggests that you won’t pay any extra if you go a shorter distance.

The kind of car, the length of the rental, and the rental business all affect how much it will cost to hire a car in Sharjah. Prices for a tiny automobile typically start at about AED 1500 per month.